THE beef between radio and TV personalities Thando Thabethe and Khanyi Mbau has allegedly gone to new heights!

Sources say the two can’t stand each other.

Sunday Sun first reported about their behind-the-scene drama at the Metros, when Khanyi Mbau allegedly tried to subbotage Thando not to host the Metros.

Khanyi allegedly went to plead with the bosses to change their plans of having Thando host alongside her. Then the cool relations froze further when Thando allgedly turned down a magazine cover because she was going to share a stage with Khanyi.

Sunday Sun can confirm Thando was asked to pose alongside Khanyi and another star.

The idea was they would talk about their success and breakthroughs in showbiz.

But Thando’s PR team turned the offer down, said one of the sources.

“Thando learned the hard way at the Metros. What Khanyi and her friends did was the lowest stunt. Thando can’t pretend to be fine with that,” said one source.

Another mole asked: “And you expect Thando to pose and smile next to a person like that?”

That source claimed Thando told them they turned down the offer not because of the magazine, but because Khanyi was going to be there.

But Thando says her PR company made the decision, not her.

“I didn’t turn down the offer of the magazine cover shoot. It was my PR company who didn’t accept. They choose what I do and I just followed their decision,” she said.

Khanyi said she was unaware Thando allegedly turned down the magazine shoot because of her.

Asked whether she was fighting or get along with Thando, she said: “We wave at each other whenever we see each other, even at the Metros, so I’ve no problem with her.”