Surprise, surprise! Ntsiki Mazwai is not here for ‘Pearl Thusi Day’. The singer is calling social media to celebrate Winnie Mandela who turns 80 years old today instead. Can’t they both be celebrated?

Ntsiki Mazwai Is Not Here For ‘Pearl Thusi Day’

The singer called people who made Pearl Thusi Day trend not “woke”. “Damn what a disappointment to live amongst a people who are actually NOT woke,” she tweeted. Mazwai further expressed her disappointment saying South Africans only feel validated by America.

Before you call Ntsiki jealous, the poet says your values are misplaced. “U.JUST.DONT.UNDERSTAND.NEH…that it is tricky when tv starts being more important than our own heroes…U have done yourselves an injustice by not putting aside a day for WINNIE MANDELA,’ she tweeted.
Ntsiki says you can’t compare being on an American TV series to a ‘real lived struggle that changed ALL our lives’.

So what’s Ntsiki’s point? Winnie Mandela Day before Pearl Thusi Day it seems.