Can you believe that Sonia Sedibe has been rocking cornrows for over 8-years?
In light of the Pretoria Girls High saga this week, actress and businesswoman Sonia Sedibe engaged in an interesting interview on Power FM as she spoke about her own hair journey as a black woman in South Africa.
Sonia surprised many when she revealed that she hasn't relaxed her hair in over 8-years, which is quite commendable considering the negative effects relaxing creams have on African hair.
We also assumed that because she wears weaves a lot  Sonia probably relaxes her hair every now and then but boy were we wrong.
Sonia even shared how shocked the people in studio were when she revealed her cornrows. Come to think of it, this is the first time we've ever seen Sonia's natural hair.
Sonia is currently working on a few tv and filming projects that we can't wait to see.
Image Credit: Instagram
Source: zalebs