Speaking in regards to her character on the new series Keeping Score, Sonia said she got “chills in regards to her mindset”
Speaking to the Sowetan she said she’ll be playing a character called Mmamosa who’s a very vengeful woman and who’s out to get her old lover Justice, played by Saint Selesi, and she also went on to question how her character “can hold on to a grudge for so long?”, she seemed intrigued by Mmamosa’s personality.
She went on to say that “we all have encountered a Mmamosa at some point in our lives… she’s ruthless, fearless and feels nothing.”
As for how she can relate to Mmamosa, she said “I connected to her ‘cause I grew up from my teenage years with a neighbor who was a Mmamosa, she terrorized the entire township, many feared her, avoided her or simply stayed out of her way.”
It seems like she has a good grasp of her character so we expect quite the star