Hot on the heels of Kelly Khumalo’s candid interview with Anele on ‘Real Talk with Anele, Senzo Meyiwa responds saying she’s talking nonsense. Senzo Meyiwa’s dad fires back at Kelly Khumalo.

Senzo’s dad spoke to The Mercury soon after Kelly’s interview aired. Sam Meyiwa says they haven’t seen Senzo’s daughter with Kelly in a long time. He goes on to say he’s only hopes of knowing what really happened to Senzo are on his granddaughter who will demand answers from her other when she’s older.

“She is speaking nonsense. That child has Meyiwa blood. I am not bothered by what she said. When the child grows up she will ask questions about her father. Kelly will have to tell her who killed her dad and where he was killed. I am now pinning my hopes on this child. She is growing up and one day she will learn how her father was killed at her mother’s home. She will come back to tell us everything,” he said.

Sam went on top point Kelly’s comments in an interview with Mtv Base where she said the relationship with Senzo was a waste of her time. “She has recently said that being in love with Senzo had been a waste of her time. How does she dare speak so ill of my child who died?,” Senzo’s dad said.