Euphonik sat down with Anele where he obviously talked about his relationship with Bonang. Euphonik says he knew the relationship wasn’t working when it started affecting his thought process, his work, what he was doing and where it was going. The DJ says it all came down to these three questions. Euphonik talks questions he asked himself before breaking up with Bonang.

Euphonik Talks Questions He Asked Himself Before Breaking Up With Bonang

“As a guy you need to ask yourself important questions like, “

1. Would I give this person my surname, first of all? :Answer No
2. Will this person be the person that raises my kids
: Answer No
3. How long do I see myself with this person?” :Answer No

Euphonik says the answers to all those questions were negative.

“My answers to all those questions were no, no, no so I was like “It’s not working, we need to go our separate ways,”” Euphonik told Anele. Okay, then.