SIBUSISO Zwane had been single for some time, so when he got his yellow-bone girlfriend he told himself that he would never let her go.
He also told his friends he would rather die than lose her.
And last Saturday his words came true.
He was stabbed to death at a tavern in a fight over her.
The incident happened in his home kasi of Duduza, Ekurhuleni.
His devastated mother, Nomthandazo Seboko (42), said Sibusiso (27) had gone looking for his girlfriend after she had been gone for too long.
Asking around he was told she was at a local tavern.
He went there to fetch her. To his surprise he found her with some men.
The jealous boyfriend did not hesitate to demand that she go home with him, but the men told him that wasn’t going to happen.
“They apparently told him they wanted to share his girlfriend with him since they had bought her booze.
“He told the men to voetsek and a fight broke out,” she said.
One of the men took out a knife and stabbed Sibusiso. He later died at the hospital.
Nomthandazo said she wishes her son never went to the tavern.
“He would be alive today,” she said, adding that her son had been a respectful and helpful child who had been loved by everyone.
“I’m praying that his killers face the full might of the law.”
One suspect was arrested but his aunt, Bongi Nzimande, said they feared the case might get swept under the carpet.
“An identification parade was held to identify the suspect but the witness couldn’t point him out. We are not sure if he was intimidated.”
She said the suspect was arrested on Monday after he was found with her dead nephew’s shoe.
Daily Sun spoke to the girlfriend, who said she did not know the men.
She said only met them at the tavern.
A murder case has been opened at Duduza cop shop.