It seems trouble never stops following rapper AKA also known as 'Super Mega'.
On Tuesday night, Twitter user Lahloza took to social media to share some 'not so pretty' allegations about the rapper, his manager Tebello Motsoane and current girlfriend, Bonang Matheba.

In a series of tweets, Lahloza publicly made claims about an ugly incident that allegedly took place on Saturday night at AKA's live show in Cape Town.

The alleged incident began when a fan, Thando, tried to take a selfie with Bonang, who apparently looked "zoned out". Trying to protect Bonang's reputation, AKA allegedly grabbed the Samsung S7 and chucked it into the crowd.

According to Lahloza: "AKA threw a fan's cellphone into the crowd and offered them dagga upon realizing he was in the wrong.'

AKA allegedly sent an e-wallet of R2000 to Lahloza to compensate Thando for her lost phone - even though it would cost about R10 000 to replace!
None of these claims have been verified by AKA and his management, nor have they been verified by Bonang.
Here are the tweets: