After 10 months since he and his ex-wife Onalerona confirmed that they would be getting a divorce amid cheating allegations‚ ProVerb has opened up about how this split has helped him love himself more and know his value and worth better.

Speaking to Masechaba Ndlovu on Power FM‚ the rapper admitted to the pain he endured during the divorce process‚ explaining that it was “pretty lonesome and cold“.
He further pointed out that he urged himself to stop being selfish and playing the victim.
“In the middle of the darkness‚ it’s pretty hard and it’s pretty lonesome and it’s cold. But with the faith that the other side is brighter‚ is better‚ I think that’s ultimately what fuels you to keep going. Also‚ I had to stop being selfish for a second‚ because at the time I was all me‚ all shame‚ all ‘please feel sorry for me‚’ me‚ me‚ me... and when I stepped off of that‚ and I realised that I have my children‚ I have my life‚ I have those who care for me‚ my family‚ I have my career‚ and it almost stopped being about me. And that has probably been my biggest life lesson to date.”
ProVerb also revealed that the cheating allegations in his former relationship made him feel inadequate as a man‚ before he found the silver lining in the heart-rending experience‚ claiming that it helped him loved himself like never before.
“It’s the feelings of inadequacy‚ the feelings of failure‚ the feelings of just not being enough. But since then‚ I have come to introspect. I know myself better‚ I know my worth better‚ I know my value better‚ I love myself like never before‚ and quite frankly‚ in some twisted way‚ I almost feel like I may not have had some of these revelations had it not happened.”
Meanwhile‚ Onalerona took to social media recently to speak about taking time to heal.
“Divorce is a very painful process- the only thing you can do is ask God for wisdom and honor the process‚” she wrote.
She went on to advise her followers to avoid a rebound relationship.
“Don’t rush the healing process . Avoid a rebound relationship -honor the space between no longer and not yet.. God is love‚” she added.
ProVerb and Onalerona’s marital problems were thrown into the spotlight late last year when Sunday papers reported on an alleged affair. ProVerb later confirmed the claims on social media asking people not to judge his wife — to which he says he did that for the sake of his children.