Sam Gichuru, CEO and founder of NAILAB, one of Kenya's leading business incubators shared this post on his Facebook page after he was sent the photo above which he didn't find funny. He wrote:
"I was sent the following image and after a brief discussion with a friend, I agreed we have a lot of double standards in ref to #kenwamwangi
This is a 5 year old boy, who has been used in a sexually explicit joke and 1200 plus Kenyans found it funny, the comments in this post in light of Ken Mwangi Joke are not funny at all.
 If it's funny for a boy to grow up to be a fisi.. should we then cry when it starts to feed? We have all become complicit on this bad jokes. This is the reason I am tired of social media, it's soul sucking, people will do anything for likes and retweets who find this funny should seriously questions themselves.  Anyway, who am I to be the moral police here, let me go back to my break from this madness"