We rarely have such beautiful weddings where everything is almost so perfect, simple and filled with total love. Gugu and Sipho Dladla's wedding gave us the desire of having such a beautiful wedding, we can't wait for its return!

Their wedding was such amazing, an episode that glued most of us to our Screens and honestly it should be dubbed one of the best weddings of the season.

The two, Gugu and Sipho were actually acquaintances at church and even though they were not close at the time, a brief moment of interaction turned into an inspirational love story they'll share with their families for years to come.

We can't fail to appreciate the amount time these two put to plan their wedding, everything was made simple yet elegant.

Even the groom and his groomsmen got it right when it came to their suits.

Thank you Mr Dladla from relieving us from the shiny suits and overly exaggerated ties.

To be honest, for the past couple of weeks most of the brides have been really impressing us with their bridal gowns and Gugu's dress did not disappoint at all.

The fact that her mother designed and made the dress made the event even more special, she's one seamstress we'd love to hire if one of us ever got married.

Even her bridesmaid dresses were beautifully knitted.

If we saw any fault in this wedding we would honestly be petty and hating on a beautiful matrimony.

Even the traditional attire won our hearts, again, simplicity and elegance won the day.

Congraturations Gugu and Sipho upon your Perfect wedding, May the lord bless your Matrimony.