Not that South African women need to validate their beauty based on what American rappers but they all can’t be wrong. Ludacris was the first to say now Omarion is confirming that indeed South African women are beautiful. Omarion impressed by the beauty of South African women.

Speaking on first impressions of South Africa, the singer says he was treated to a beautiful sight of South African women and everyone need to see it too.

“I got the opportunity to see what the lovely women of South Africa look like. And that was just a treat, just to see. People need to see that in America. They need to come visit this wonderful place,’ he said in a press conference.

“Like it’s a lot going on back home in America. Especially, you know, for the melanin. So to be able to come here and to get that love and that treatment, it really does feel like home,” he said on SA’s hospitality.