We are not sure what the reason behind Ntsiki Mazwai voicing her opinions on every celeb story that breaks but sometimes she makes sense or does she? Ntsiki Mazwai comes to Bonang’s defence after Euphonik’s interview.

Ntsiki Mazwai Comes To Bonang’s Defence After Euphonik’s Interview
First Ntsiki threw shade at Somizi who seem to have taken Euphonik’s side after Euphonik’s The Cover episode aired. “When your ex bestfriend takes your enemies side,” Ntsiki tweeted after Somizi tweeted praises to Euphonik.
Ntsiki seems to think Bonang’s ex boyfriend and ex bff are ganging up on her tweeting, “I am on the side of any woman being ganged up against………because an injury to one is an injury to all….,” she tweeted.
She went on to point that as much as Bonang poaints the strong persona, she’s still human and she hurts too.