Controversial TV personality Nonhle Thema had her real talk with Anele where she poured out her heart about the difficulties she went through at the peak of her TV career. On her interview, Nonhle talks about her depression and her reality show 'Nonhle goes to Hollywood' which she goes on to say that it did very well. She explains that her biggest mistake was Twitter. 
The former O-Access star reveals that her biggest sadness came when her late boss who groomed her passed on and she went in to depression as he was the one who helped her be who she was. 
Nonhle goes to explain how her hard depression even led her to want to commit suicide when a twitter tirade was saying "RIP Nonhle". She hysterically explains that her fans forgot that she's a human being. "And I think when I went through my state of trying to discover me, I needed to first also understand that I'm human. I'm not a success machine, who brings ratings, who sells products, because that's who I had become all my life. I didn't know that I had feelings. I didn't know that I was kind. I didn't know that I could cry," She said.
Here is the Interview: