Nomzamo Mbatha is one of the sexiest and most beautiful girls in showbiz right now but the actress recently admitted that growing up she didn’t think she was pretty. Whilst we think Nomzamo has always been a beauty, it’s her body transformation between her high school days and now that have left us hopeful more than anything. This photo of Nomzamo before fame is proof anything can happen.

This Photo Of Nomzamo Before Fame Is Proof Anything Can Happen

The photo above is Nomzamo now but have you ever wondered what she looked like before she hit it big and before the fame? Well, wonder no more. Nomzamo shared a throwback photo of herself in high school, check it out below.

“Just found a stash of pics. This was in Matric. No bums no chest! NOTHING before my Aromat moment,” Nomzamo captioned the photo.

So how did she go from this to being the hottest woman around? Nomzamo says puberty had not hit then and of course squats help, kids.