The Musa has come forth to share his two cents on the debate regarding the credit on his smash hit, Mthande which features Robbie Malinga.
This is after Linda Gcwensa claimed that he wrote Mthande for Musa but however didn’t receive the proper credit for writing the song.
The Clash of the Choirs participant told Daily Sun that the legendary producer,Robbie Malinga said he credited him with the 50% ownership of the song, but however he hadn’t profited.
However Musa denies these allegations. Speaking to DRUM, Musa Sukwene, the winner of season nine of Idols said he is wondering where the Linda’s accusations stem from.
“I really don’t understand where this comes from,” said Musa.
“Linda received proper credit for the song, I worked with so many people on the album and some haven’t been credited but they are not complaining,” said Sukwene.
He further added that it is very surprising that Linda has come forward to the media, when he is not somebody who is constantly in the media.
“I really feel that there is someone behind Linda trying to push this and that person is right next to me,” says Musa
When DRUM called Robbie, he said “I am very tired of talking about this, this topic is actually very boring. Please call Linda and address this matter with him,” says Robbie