Innovative musician Mr Mo falls in the unique category of artists, who can soothe their audience with vocal superiority and can move the crowd with their dance prowess.
The songwriter, vocalist, talented performer recently left his day job as an account manager at one of the biggest brewery companies in South Africa to focus on music full time.
Within seconds of listening to his trailblazing track with Rabs Vhafuwi, Walking Away, one can tell why he took this decision as the song really showcases what he is capable of as an artist.
Born Molefi Madikoe in Vereeniging, Vaal, Mr. Mo exudes energy and excellence whenever he is called upon to display his talents as a vocalist, songwriter and dancer. Mr Mo, who recently released his album Destiny, has magnificent stage presence and has the consummate ability to have his audience tapping their feet and singing along for the duration of his performances.
His first foray into entertainment world started decades ago at just 10 years old, singing at junior primary, where he would captivate his schoolmates with his rich voice belting gospel songs during assembly.
In high school, Mr. Mo, who hails from Vereeniging, Vaal, would engage his songwriting skills.
He wrote and recorded songs in his mini studio. He would perform these songs much to the merriment of his peers, continued in this fashion while at the University of Johannesburg where he completed his Marketing Management degree. The ever strategic Mr Mo later joined musical groups such as Currents Of Blackness and Urban Legendz in order to gain experience and exposure.
It was Mr. Mo’s link up with Count Your Blessings hit maker Rabs Vhafuwi that saw the beginning of bigger and better things. The duo has rocked several stages in the country including Macufe, iRock DSTV, Fame Awards, Venda ka December, Tshima Awards. Mr Mo, a former dance champion, featured Rabs Vhafuwi on his tune Walking Away. The song has been making waves around the country.
Mr Mo has also worked with various producers, to name a few SAMA and Metro Award winner Bryce Anderson, Rapper/Producer/Sound Engineer Justin Perrow widely known as JLawless, Producer/Musician Bongani Mthimkulu, Rapper/Producer/Dj PhatPro and is now signed under the label FreezeTheMoment Productions, founded by Rabs Vhafuwi.
His song Dream Chaser, from Destiny, has topped the charts at various stations. His other song Tears Dried Out is also doing well. Another of hits, Walking Away is on high rotation at a number of radio stations and his music video for Walking Away with Rabs Vhafuwi has started rotating on Mtv Base, and also premiered on Channel O, on the show ‘Turn Up’ and the storyline of the video has received great reviews.
Mr Mo’s latest album, Destiny, was produced by Rabs Vhafuwi, except a song called ‘Love’ that was produced by Da Capo. Destiny is a 14 songs album with an additional massive intro. Destiny falls under the House Music/Dance Music genre but also leans towards Deep, Soul and Afro genre. Some of the songs off destiny are currently playlisted internationally in the UK and Netherlands.
“The recording process of the Album was pretty smooth and not rushed, and I knew exactly the types of scenarios I wanted to deliberately tap into in terms of songwriting for the album and the musical chemistry between myself and Rabs made the process even more enjoyable. The Album is already available and doing well on online music stores iTunes, Google Play and will soon be available in Musica stores across the country.” – Mr Mo.
Mr Mo has written numerous songs for various genres. He has also done hooks on Hip Hop songs for various Rap artists. Mr Mo’s music is beyond entertainment. He wants to inspire young people who aspire to reach their dreams. He strives to make music that will be enjoyed and relevant not only in South Africa but also throughout the world.