Margaret van Wyk who left the internet buzzing after an image of her vagina she accidentally shared on the school’s hockey mom’s group went viral tells Huisgenoot people have "judged me, stoned me and crucified me".

In an exclusive interview in the latest 8 September issue of Huisgenoot and YOU magazine on sale now, Margaret, 46, from the rural town of Schweizer-Rekene talks about what she thinks of social media, what she thinks of her future, the people of Schweizer-Rekene and the impact on her family.
She tells the magazine that after the incident she’s "in a dark place" and still gets nasty messages from people day and night.
She says her children – especially her youngest child – are destroyed.
"I only sleep an hour at night, then I’m laying there and thinking. I didn’t think people are able to go that far, that people are willing to break your life in pieces, and when they’re finished with you and it’s not enough, they take on your husband and children," says Margaret who broke down during the interview.
The latest issues of Huisgenoot and YOU magazine are available in stores now.
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