After she announced the news of her near death experience on Twitter yesterday, Mama Yvonne Chaka Chaka received overwhelming messages of well wishes and gratitude that she wasn't harmed in the shootout.
She was caught in the crossfire between cops and a suspected hijacking car that was driving next to her. 
@LedwabaMaila: @YvonneChakaX2 Yoh Mme, glad you were unscathed! This year has been a shock with everything. 

@Tshitshi25: @YvonneChakaX2 Thank God you survived Ma, God is great all the times,Love you Ma,our Queen...

@olonwabo: @YvonneChakaX2 God is good indeed. you  must praise Him everyday.

‏@ShambareYaasmin: @YvonneChakaX2 thank you God and the Angels for protecting you our Princess of Africa. Much love sis sending prayers to you

@LeboM1: @YvonneChakaX2 A really sad reminder of how violent the World is. When you live in a Country like RSA it's easy to think there's Peace.