Zimbabwean-born, England raised veteran actor Luthuli Dlamini reveals the reason behind his lack of acting jobs.

With an acting experience of over a decade one would think that jobs would come flying to you, but this is not the case for the much loved actor Luthuli Dlamini.

Having been born and raised outside South Africa Dlamini finds it difficult to snatch leading acting roles in the country because of his England accent.  In a recent interview with TMG Entertainment he expressed his inability to get acting roles in this challenging industry.

According to the publication "Dlamini has definitely been overlooked for acting roles because of his accent."

The actor has been snubbed of roles mostly when the film producers look for an authentically Zulu speaking person.

"It has affected me because I feel like, given the script and if the dialogue is given to me in Zulu, I can learn it like any other language. There are a number of Zulu roles, or vernacular roles, that I would have loved to play but weren't given because of my accent,"  says Luthuli.
With all the acting experience behind him, Dlamini is no stranger to gossip blogs. Years ago his name was splashed on most gossip papers when he was told to hit the road on the popular soapie Scandal after failing to pitch for work.
Image Credit: Facebook/LuthuliDlamini