Instagram community especially women were left shocked and felt ‘betrayed’ after learning that their ‘crush’ is not actually Mr Steal Your Grandma,but he is actually Mr Steal Your Son.
According to a photo posted on Instagram by a user named shad0102,the young man who seems half of Irvin Randle’s age,told his followers how he missed good times with his ex-boyfriend Mr Irvin Randle.
”#Tbt Birthday birthday week with the ex but past is the past #goodtimes”,said the man who goes by the name Shad on social media.’
He went on to post another bedroom photo which showed grandpa bae looking exhausted resting on bed probably after a long se_x session and said ”Y’all remember #MrStealYoGrandMa,the se_xy grand daddy that went viral a few months ago ?Well it looks like grandma never had the chance.
Below are the controversial photos of Irvin Randle and his ex-boyfriend :