Kwela Tebza’s Tebogo Lerole is grateful to be alive‚ after being involved in a traumatic hijacking over the weekend.

The singer‚ who is also known for his relationship with Khanyi Mbau‚ took to social media on Monday evening to explain that he was travelling near Newtown in Johannesburg during the early hours of Sunday morning‚ when a group of 12-15 thugs approached his car and ordered him to step out of the vehicle or they would shoot.
Tebogo said that he pleaded with them to let him go but they instead pulled him out of the vehicle and threatened to kill him.
“Some of them wanted me killed and some of them wanted to put me in the boot of the car and Lord knows what intentions they had. Seven to eight boys jumped into the car while I tried wrestling one of the guys who wanted to stab me‚ two other guys jumped in the brawl and their intention was now to take my clothes‚” he added.
Tebogo says that he started questioning why the men would choose to be so aggressive but was determined to fight for his life.
“I stood firm and faced them while fighting for my life and making sure no one is going to load me in the boot of the car or stab me‚” he said.
The men eventually got the car to start and the group scattered as some of the thugs drove off — leaving Tebogo dazed and frustrated.
The car was eventually found in Meadowlands‚ Soweto and‚ after a police chase‚ crashed into the wall of a nearby house in the area.
Tebogo admits that he was so angry that he ordered police to shoot the thugs if they were found‚ but has since learnt to forgive the men who caused him so much pain and distress.
“After talking to family and friends I have forgiven all the young men who almost took my life‚ but I will never forget what they put me through. I am thankful to my creator for protecting me on Sunday morning... crime is real in South Africa‚ stay alert at all times because crime doesn’t sleep‚” he added.
Tebogo has since opened a case of hijacking at the Johannesburg Central Police Station.