After breaking up with fans' favourite Blue Mbombo, rapper K2'Katlego Mabusela' has replaced her with a yellowbone as his new girlfriend.

Well it's really sad for most Big Brother Mzansi fans out there especially the royals who loved K2 and Blue as a couple, however Blue and K2 couldn't continue dating.

Now to put the record straight, we don't know the exact reason for Blue and K2's break-up but according to a few of their close friends that we spoke to, cheating might have caused the unexpected break-up.

Just last month we published an article here on reporting that Blue and K2 were no longer an item which caused a lot of anger among fans especially the Royals.

Last month the BBmzansian Team spoke to Tebogo a resident in Joburg who also happens to be a big fan of both Blue and K2.

Tebogo opened up to us that she was sure Blue and K2 were not dating no more, and when we published an update here on the website. Royals were so bitter in that even some sent us threatening emails.

So that being said, K2 took to his Snapchat where he posted a snap of him and his new lover. We are yet to see Blue Mbombo's new boyfriend but all we know is that both K2 and Blue have moved on.

That's it for now but we'll make sure we bring you more photos of K2's yellow bone and Blue Mbombo's new boyfriend.