“He made a joke about my one hand” DJ Black Coffee clarifies why he clapped AKA’s manager

An incident which occurred over the weekend has had everyone talking. This after DJ Black Coffee was seen slapping AKA’s road manager, Tshiamo.

After the incident, it was alleged that the hot klap was because Tshiamo had interrupted DJ Coffee’s set. Mainstream media outlets reported that : “Black Coffee was preparing to perform his set. However, AKA’s team was also ready to perform. Black Coffee then explained to Tshiamo that it was his time to perform and asked them to get off the stage. Before we knew it, Black Coffee slaps Tshiamo, after the incident Tshiamo then goes to inform AKA and the others.”

However, another reliable source has said Tshiamo was clapped becuase he had made a joke about DJ Black Coffee’s hand. “There was a speaker that needed to be lifted to a different position. It was being used by Coffee. Now, AKA’s team did not want it there so they told Coffee to move the speaker”, the source said before adding, “Coffee was graceful and told them he was waiting for a member of his time to move the speaker to which AKA’s manager said “oh so you can’t do everything after all” while pointing to his hand”.

It is alleged that is when Coffee lost it and slapped AKA’s manager. After the incident, AKA went on a Twitter rant but from the looks of things, South Africa is on Black Coffee side.
Source : mzansistories