A couple were looking through their holiday pictures ,only to spot the moment they were mugged by child thieves .
Reddit user ,r/mildlyinteresting uploaded the photo with the caption: "Girlfriend in the progress of having her watch stolen."
The photo shows a woman smiling at the camera in between two young girls in traditional Thai dress in Chaingmai.

He then admitted his girlfriend was "a bit drunk" and hadn't noticed it happening.One person had noticed the technique and explained the girl's reasoning for it.

They wrote: "Notice how the thief is touching her hand in several places? It's a pickpocket technique so that the mark gets accustomed to being touched by the thief and stops registering all of the touches."

Another agreed, saying: "Spot on. A friend of mine is a professional magician who makes watches and wallets disappear as a trick.
He told me once that his secret was exactly that, putting more pressure somewhere else so the "victim" won't feel other parts of the body."

But there was defence for the children as well, who blamed the parents. Reddit user autoconfused explained they had seen girls in similar dress in the same area.

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