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kykNET - Getroud met Rugby Teasers December 2018 - January 2019

Getroud met Rugby Teasers December 2018 – Upcoming kykNET drama series ‘ Getroud met Rugby ’ teasers, previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for December 2018.

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Coming up on Getroud met Rugby this December 2018:

Monday 3 December 2018
Episode 176

Blitz remains a pompom target. Bart's plan to get rid of Schalk gathers momentum. Simon makes Herman an offer.

Tuesday 4 December 2018
Episode 177 

Anastasia causes trouble between Julia and Blitz. Schalk is worried about his future. Simon tries to convince Herman to allow him to invest in his project.

Wednesday 5 December 2018
Episode 178 

Julia confronts Blitz about his relationship with Mia. Yvonne has concerns regarding Herman's project. Fafa is suspicious about Schalk's nervous breakdown

Thursday 6 December 2018
Episode 179 

Kristien plans to save her and Bart's reputations. Blitz enjoys the single life. Simon finds out how much his investment is going to cost.

Friday 7 December 2018
Episode 180 

Schalk confronts Lindy about her vendetta against him. Chrissie is upset about her exhibition. Simon and Renate's investment is finalised.

Monday 10 December 2018
Episode 181 

Renate and Simon struggle to reach Herman. Lindy consults Liam about Schalk. Daniël tries to get Chrissie's forgiveness.

Tuesday 11 December 2018
Episode 182 

Kristien puts her plan against Lindy in motion. Anastasia and Mia drive Blitz crazy. Daniël is at wit’s end with Chrissie. 

Wednesday 12 December 2018
Episode 183

Schalk calls an emergency meeting. Simon is on the war path to find Herman. Blitz has his hands full with the women in his life.

Thursday 13 December 2018
Episode 184 

Lindy is in big trouble with the Board. Simon is down and out over Herman. Maryke tries to cheer Julia up.

Friday 14 December 2018
Episode 185 

Julia shows Blitz what he's missing. Kristien and Renate finalise the –‘Stryder of the Year’ function. Maryke is suspicious over Lindy’s firing.

Monday 17 December 2018
Episode 186 

Mia and Anastasia team up to run Blitz’s campaign. Simon shows Renate he can be sexy. Maryke gives Koekie and Festus a guilty conscious.

Tuesday 18 December 2018
Episode 187 

Renate kicks off Simon's social media campaign. Maryke tries to solve Julia's woes. The Stryders are tired of Mia and Anastasia. 

Wednesday 19 December 2018 
Episode 188
Mia and Anastasia are furious over Blitz. Renate works hard on Simon's campaign. Maryke and Julia celebrate Julia's birthday.  

Thursday 20 December 2018
Episode 189 

Nina says goodbye to the Stryder women. Julia is anxious about her date with Blitz. Kristien criticises Renate‘s campaign.

Friday 21 December 2018
Episode 190 

The Bekkers say a final goodbye. Julia and Blitz try to find their feet. Simon takes control over his campaign.

Monday 24 December 2018
Episode 191 

Everyone is excited about the Stryder of the Year Awards and the Christmas concert. Simon and Renate's prayers are answered. TJ is home for the holidays.

Tuesday 25 December 2018
Episode 192 

Festus and Koekie have a surprise for the Christmas lunch. Yvonne discovers Renate's secret. Kristien gives Bart a sexy Christmas present.

Wednesday 26 December 2018
Episode 193 

Maryke is sceptical about Divan. Renate and Simon have to decide about the baby’s future. Koekie and Festus' good deeds continue.  

Thursday 27 December 2018
Episode 194 

Blitz is concerned about Julia and Divan's friendship. TJ sorts out Schalk’s love life. Renate and Simon make a big decision.

Friday 28 December 2018 
Episode 195

Fafa wants another baby. Blitz tries to be mature about Divan. Simon is worried Renate is creating unrealistic expectations over the baby.

Monday 31 December 2018
Episode 196 

Everyone celebrates New Year's Eve in Pottie's. Julia is impressed with Divan. Fafa survives Maryke's pregnancy challenge.

Getroud met Rugby is on kykNET Mondays to Fridays at 21h00.

Coming up on Getroud met Rugby this January 2019:

Tuesday 1 January 2019 
Episode 197

Maryke and Fafa are fed up with Julia who keeps playing with Blitz’s feelings. Simon is worried about Renate. Anna is anxious to find a publisher.

Wednesday 2 January 2019
Episode 198

Blitz finds out there is more than just friendship between Julia and Divan. Renate and Simon receive news about the baby. Kristien finds out about Botha.

Thursday 3 January 2019
Episode 199

Blitz is devastated over Julia. Simon and Renate learn how exhausting a baby can be. Reitz has a solution for Anna’s book-dilemma.

Friday 4 January 2019
Episode 200

Fafa has an interview with Pine. Reitz and Anna babysit baby Roosknoppie. Maryke struggles to be happy for Julia.

Monday 7 January 2019
Episode 201

The Stryders are upset over Fafa’s article on Sinbin. Divan seeks Maryke’s blessing. Renate has her hands full with motherhood.

Tuesday 8 January 2019
Episode 202

Simon and Renate are in dire need of sleep. Bart and Kristien are satisfied with their smeer campaign against Fafa. Reitz has a stalker.

Wednesday 9 January 2019
Episode 203

An uninvited guest shows up at Pottie's. Blitz overdoes it in the gym. Renate is sick of Kristien's attitude about having children. 

Thursday 10 January 2019
Episode 204

Reitz finally meets his biggest fan. Botha visits Fafa and Maryke. Blitz puts a pompom in her place.

Friday 11 January 2019
Episode 205

Botha receives his first payments from Fafa and Maryke. Mielie surprises Reitz again. Koekie and Festus learn how to use a smartphone.

Monday 14 January 2019
Episode 206

The ladies prepare for Renate's baby shower. Koekie and Festus are determined not to drink. Mielie shows up at Reitz's house.  

Tuesday 15 January 2019
Episode 207

Fafa and Maryke reveal their secrets to one another. Mielie asks Reitz a favour. Festus and Koekie struggle honouring their arrangement.

Wednesday 16 January 2019
Episode 208

Mielie has her big night in Pottie's. Blitz is still AWOL. The Stryders get a new captain.

Thursday 17 January 2019
Episode 209

Koekie and Festus find out about Botha's blackmailing. Anna makes a new friend at Pottie's. Renate drives Kristien crazy with the baby.

Friday 18 January 2019
Episode 210

Fafa en Maryke have an appointment with Botha. Liam is fed up with Blitz moping around. The players meet Pottie's new waitress. 

Monday 21 January 2019
Episode 211

Fafa finds out about Maryke's dark past. Anna's book receives an unexpected boost. Liam plans to find Blitz a girlfriend.  

Tuesday 22 January 2019
Episode 212

Botha drives a wedge between Maryke and Fafa. Liam makes plan to bring Blitz and Candice together. Anna's e-book reaches new heights.

Wednesday 23 January 2019
Episode 213

Baby Rosie teaches Kristien a lesson. Fafa and Maryke's marriage is still turbulent. Candice is curious about Liam.

Thursday 24 January 2019
Episode 214

Blitz changes his mind and talks to Schalk. Koekie and Festus give Fafa shocking news. Botha demands payment from Kristien.

Friday 25 January 2019
Episode 215

Everyone is anxious about the new Stryder. Candice is on a mission to find out everything about Liam. Botha meets the pompoms.  

Monday 28 January 2019
Episode 216

The Stryders meet their new wing, Ryno Roberts. Chrissie is back from Holland. Renate experiences a stressful moment with the baby.

Tuesday 29 January 2019
Episode 217

Candice wants to join the pompoms. Reitz and Anna meet Ryno's boyfriend. Kristien gets a juicy photo of Maryke.

Wednesday 30 January 2019
Episode 218

Schalk addresses the discord among the players. Candice is close to realising her pompom dream. Chrissie gets comfortable in Reitz's house.

Thursday 31 January 2019
Episode 219

Ryno takes a stand against his teammates' discrimination. Kristien decides to have auditions for a new pompom. Botha meets his match with Bart.

Getroud met Rugby is on kykNET Mondays to Fridays at 21h00.

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