The demand for FREE this has increased dramatically in South Africa due to empty promise by political parties. We have so many things look like they are offered for FREE by the government.  

Let me just give you an example of why I think FREE need to be prohibited for government service delivery promise and reporting by media. In South Africa, we have popular FREE basic service affiliated to FREE keywords like FREE Education, FREE Housing, FREE Electricity, FREE Grant, FREE Water, FREE sewerage and sanitation...  

You will notice I am using capital letters when I am using the FREE word just to show how it is abused and misused. 

SA government must replace FREE with Tax-funded

  • FREE Education =   Tax-funded Education
  • FREE Housing = Tax-funded Housing 
  • FREE Electricity =  Tax-funded Electricity 
  • FREE Grant = Tax-funded Grant
  • FREE Water = Tax-funded Water 
  • FREE HealthCare  =   Tax-funded HealthCare

and more......

Why SA government should be prohibited for using FREE

If you look at the above figure show most of the money government come from SARS / Tax. The means all these promises government claim as free services are not free. They are funded by tax payer’s money. Remember the tax government take from us it’s not a gift, Sars determine how much he need form your money. After taking your hard-earned cash do as they please says its free service.

This will end and change the mindset of the public to think the government have free services and
the government just make money by printing it.  This will help to campaign like #FeesMustFall the student will know that they are in school because to Taxpayers paying Tax.

What do you think of this Idea?  

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