FORMER SuperSport United defender, Japie Motale, has “a new position”!

The former hard-tackling defender is no longer defending his goal post, but rather cars – off the field.

Sunday Sun spotted Japie working as a car guard in Moretele Park, just outside Tshwane, during the Moretele Park Jazz Festival.

He was watching cars that were parked at Recent Primary, in Mamelodi, for the festival.

The SunTeam contacted the 37-year-old soccer star, who confirmed this.

In his heyday Japie used to drive the latest German sedans and hung around with hot soccer babes while playing for the Under-23 squad.

“I was helping motorists park their cars in the protected space.

“Nothing wrong with that.

“I did this because I’m among some of the parents at the school who are gatvol with the governing body of the school.

“That school needs proper fencing, a playground and proper toilets for our kids,” Japie said.

He continued: “Football in Mamelodi is dead.

“There’s nothing left to do but to be active whenever help is needed in my community.”

When asked about going back to the PSL as a coach, Japie said: “I decided to stay away from football and its politics. Period.

“People who have never even kicked a ball are calling all the shots in Mzansi’s football fraternity.

“But if I had a chance, you’d see me back in the PSL.”
Source: dailysun