Wright says that he never felt like his personal life would be of any interest to fans and was naturally shy to talk about his life away from the camera.
But in what can be dubbed as a rare moment‚ the actor revealed that he is a father to a baby girl.
“I was blessed with a baby girl. She has just weakened me. She is the highlight of everything that is going well in my life‚” Wright says.
“Her name is Hlayiseka‚ which means blessed or chosen. My dad named her Hlayiseka and I named her Omuhle‚ which means beautiful‚” he added.
He says that he has been able to keep his daughter‚ who is now nearly two-years-old‚ and her mother out of the spotlight by shying away from the limelight‚ and not talking about them in public.
Still‚ he admitted that he is happily in a long-term relationship‚ with wedding bells to come eventually.
“I’m happy. I’m good. There will be wedding bells. As a man‚ that is one of the things that I have to do and that is why I am trying to get everything in place now so that I can gather all the necessary things to provide for them‚” he says.
He says that being a new dad and a partner has given him “something more to live for“.
“Now I know what parents feel when they worry about their children. As a child you think it’s a small thing but it’s actually a different kind of love. A love that you can’t afford to lose. It’s helped keep me strong and given me a purpose to work towards her future‚” he added.