Police have been deployed to intervene after University of Cape Town vice chancellor‚ Max Price‚ was held hostage by students on Tuesday.

Price made a presentation at the fees commission hearing at the Centre for the Book in Cape Town.
Shortly after his presentation‚ students stopped him and demanded that he bring back those who were suspended from UCT for their involvement in the #FeesMustFall protests.
For over 40 minutes‚ Max was engaged in confrontation with the students who swore at him and called a him a “white settler“.
Despite police intervention‚ the commission was halted.
 Students — under the banner Black Solidarity #Action — have now taken over the proceedings.
Suspended UCT student Masixole Mlandu took to the stage‚ and addressed students. A big white banner — with the wording ‘’Black Solidarity #Action” - was held up behind him.
 The commission was set up to investigate the feasibility of free higher education