Lira's former drummer Joshua Samuel Zacheus took to social media to write an explosive statement to expose the songstress.
Joshua claims has been 'heartless' to him.
He also mentions various kinds of mistreatment by Lira and her team, claimning he was not properly paid for gigs that he was booked for and for vocals he contributed to Lira's projects.
He said: "Who wouldn't be unhappy with years of R150 per rehearsal fee, R150 Perdium regardless of distance, same fee whether local and international for as long as I can remember... and just because the gals are scared of losing their jobs they stayed silent." 
He goes on to use the hashtag #LiraMustFall.
"I miss the old black Lira, I hate the new white Lira." said another band member, storming out of CCMA March 2016.
Here's the full statement:
Lira Misslira EXPOSED!
Your fans wants to know where is Joshua Jstar Zacheus?
Tell them what you told me...After Breezy called me to tell me they rehearsing with Joey 2 days before our 1st gig this year. Feb 2016
Lira said: "Josh someone sent us a screengrab of you saying you're unhappy and you're out of the band" that's why Robin replaced me without telling me or paid me cancellation for confirmed gig dates reserved or the Dream chaser, Reality Show. I asked for the screengrab and never got it. But Why would I leave my job via someone huh after getting a raise.
Who wouldn't be unhappy with years of R150 per rehearsal fee, R150 Perdium regardless of distance, same fee whether local and international for as long as I can remember... and just because the gals are scared of losing their jobs they stayed silent.
Unity is Strength.
Up to 120K a show but the band together doesn't get 20K.
I kept quiet this long to protect someone who I thought was my friend but she's been colonised and became greedy and heartless like shikaka #TheWhiteDevil she married.

"I MISS THE OLD BLACK LIRA, I HATE THE NEW WHITE LIRA..." said Pastabdxll storming out of CCMA March 2016.
I know you're thinking Joshua this is not the way... but take a look at my reality and what I had to deal with to support my family and still be an inspiration to people across the world. Everyone who knows me know i never needed Lira they all found me drumming & killin the industry already.
I tried going to CCMA too 
To my surprise I only started with Lira in 2010/2011 according to Robin Kohl who also called me a Sub Contractor who works on from gig to gig basis. Apparently he was hired to put the band together wonder how he found me or his new MD. Coward couldn't even fire me to my face, He sent his lil slave to feed me that bullshit screengrab story.
This is the same man who called me a his slave & bitch on the US Dream chaser tour and who could only pay ridiculous R5500 for the entire Season flighted on Fox8 of which, I still haven't gotten my release form for it, payment for that show or communication about it. As a Sub Contractor of my calibre that fee is ridiculous right. Who told him that's the rate for my brand? Doesn't a Sub Contractor work on his own rates & terms?
Family is a word thrown around by people with hidden agendas. Watch out.
Silent betrayal - from the worse friends I ever made 
I used to beg the band members to bring up those issues coz I knew it would come across as another complaint from "Jstar"
Never did we work for more money out of the country or got our full daily perdiums but nobody wanted to stand together so I stood up for myself and everyone else anyway. #Theloveband Oppressed.
Lira knew about all these things I made mention of all these band issues when she met with me Jan 2016 to give me an raise and asked me to sing again... 2weeks later a screengrab from someone, I couldn't find it on my phone tho.
I want you to see why the music industry is the devil's playground... Money changes people.
Some fans say the show sucks now & that breaks my heart coz you have an amazing team of traitors things are supposed to be great now.
You screwed the wrong kullid Lerato & Robinhood.
You've become an evil seed of a heartless money hungry oppressor who's got a gun to your head and let's you watch him execute the people who built your brand with their hearts, souls, time and dedication.
Money was never an issue for me I wanted to see if you appreciate me, my gifts, contribution & cutting most artist out I've worked with to prioritise & direct your shows and music and more importantly grow the brand consistently in sound and live presentation but you saw my willingness to sing, play and give my ideas and input as a weakness and instead of appreciation you milked my passion for your benefit. Never paid wanted to a cent for singing since 2009 not even for recordings or put my name on my intellectual property... #youvechanged
My gift has saved many lives because it comes from God and it's for His Glory I never give less than my best no matter what the situation or who I play for, that's why you are so shocked by all of this. my gift is something I can't cheat or use to make other people feel little or less important it's there to bring glory to God if you use and abuse me because of that Jokes on you, I played more drums than you've eaten bread my God is not dead. My reward is the fact that your betrayal will never make me a traitor, I represent realness 100%. I've tried to help everyone I've met and most of those people screwed me to get ahead.
This is not bitterness, it's necessary for the safety and future of those dreaming bout working in this industry, expose the snakes and guide the free.
Lots of musicians are treated like dirt by artists, its almost like they doing us favours by booking us but our ideas are good enough for their dvds, albums and shows. Artist get away with it because there's no loyalty amongst musicians unless they need gigs than they call Jstar. I've helped snakes.
Robinhood's been robbin people from the hood and you helped him plan my murder but I survived his spiteful attempt because My gift was operating 1991 already before Lira touched a mic.
Thank you for showing the world what kak type of people this industry has... you guys can all eat a hobos dick Earl Breezy Baartman Robin C. Kohl Vicky P Mngomezulu Kenton Lee Windvogel Lira Songstress you've brought a curse upon yourselves.
Today is freedom day for me.
The truth shall set me free.
Now that you all know this, you know what I have survived in this industry. Start appreciating your musicians we sustain the music industry.