Ever since DJ Zinhle gave a hint on his mysterious man only known as Bond, Social media and Zinhle Investigators have had sleepless nights trying to trace and map the real identity of him. Various methods have been applied in the investigations which include mapping of dots in the watch and bracelet that Mr. Bond wore the night he cozied DJ Zinhle.

Over the past couple of weeks DJ Zinhle has been posting social media hints with the caption, “James Bond”, and indeed her current bae, Brendon Naidoo – CEO of Apogee Empire Management – looks like he walked off the set of a Bond movie.

When we approached Zinhle for comment at the party she told the DRUM team, “Please don’t take pictures of us, I don’t want my private life in the media. I am in a very happy space and that’s all I can say. I am happy.”

According to sources, Zinhle’s new man is a corporate banking and investment hotshot. “He is not in entertainment, he is a corporate guy and she is very happy with him,” one of our sources tells us. “Their relationship has been going on for some months now and we have never seen her happier.”

Zinhle also opened up about her new guy not being in the entertainment industry in a recent interview with radio host Anele Mdoda. “He’s got the most amazing voice in the world and wears very expensive suits, he is so amazing,” Zinhle gushed to Anele.

Another source close to her says the reason she hasn’t posted pictures of her man on social media is because he’s a very private person and she also doesn’t want a public relationship. “Because he is a corporate guy, his life
is private, so even though they hang out he is not keen on cameras and the media fussing over them,”

The first results of the investigation landed us to none other than Top Billing Presenter Chris Jaftha. DJ Zinhle in reply to these results said it was 'hilarious' although she didn't deny it.

More recent investigations point to Brendon Naidoo. Zinhle posted a photo of her mystery man's backside on Instagram and captioned the pic with loads of heart emojis. She then later tagged Brendon Naidoo in the comments with the lips emoji. Before this, people had already confirmed that its not Chris Jaftha and that Bond had a similar Identity to Brendon.

This is exactly how DJ Zinhle played it with AKA before revealing him and now its the same game with her new man. We just love this crazy stuff from Zinhle because it keeps the investigation team on alert although there's no salary to expect at the end of the day...Lol.