You didn’t thiink Bonang and AKA would trend because of their relationship and not have our favorite petty star throw in some spice, did you? Did Euphonik just throw shade at Bonang and AKA’s relationship?

Did Euphonik Just Throw Shade At Bonang And AKA’s Relationship?

After twitter went crazy over AKA quick “single and then not single” status, Euphonik took to his twitter to weigh in on the ‘situationship’.

“Same script different cast,” Euphonik tweeted along with laughing emojis. The DJ turned property mogul might have been talking about something totally different but his reputation and the timing tells us that was pure shade being thrown.

Euphonik later tweeted how cruel social media can be because even a sneeze gets turned to shade.

I’m not even going to entertain you guys coz niyanya nje. 😂😂😂 umuntu can’t even sneeze without it being turned to shade. Niyanya

— Euphonik™♛ (@euphonik) September 9, 2016