TMG Entertainment has reliably learnt that Euphonik and DJ Milkshake will be leaving 5FM.

Sources have confirmed to TMG Entertainment that Euphonik handed in his resignation a week ago and he has not been on air since.
It’s not clear whether or not he will have a final send-off or if he pulled a Gareth Cliff and said bye and exited on the same day.
Euphonik‚ who has become synonymous with the 5FM brand‚ was a strong pull for audience figures.
“He was the best club DJ at the station and now he is gone. It’s a big loss to 5‚” said one insider.
At the same time‚ another longstanding 5FM family member DJ Milkshake‚ has also said farewell to the station.
Both could not be reached for comment. But... sads.