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Big DStv channel changes coming (except price drop and Sport)

MultiChoice has announced that it will be making significant changes to its channel line-up in the coming months.
The DStv operator said that after careful consideration it has decided to terminate several channels.
Part of the reason for cancelling these channels, MultiChoice said, is that subscribers were complaining that they saw too many repeats across the platform.
The channels being cancelled and their cancellation dates are as follows:
  • CBS Action and CBS Drama — 10 October
  • AMC — 11 November
  • True Movies — 12 November
Compensating for the channels that subscribers on cheaper packages would be losing, MultiChoice said it would also be making several channels more broadly available.
MultiChoice said that this decision was informed by feedback from its occasional promotions where it made more exclusive channels available to lower-tier packages.
The following channels will become available on cheaper DStv packages:
  • Mzansi Music — From DStv Access to EasyView and up
  • JimJam — From DStv Access to EasyView and up
  • Movies Stars — From DStv Compact to Family and up
  • Lifetime — From DStv Premium to Extra and up
  • ITV choice — From DStv Premium to Extra and up
  • Specialist language channels (e.g. RTP, RAI, BVN) — From DStv Premium to Extra and up
In addition to the above changes, MultiChoice said it would also continue to add more high definition channels to the platform.
By end of December 2016, DStv will have 35 HD channels, MultiChoice said.
Source: mybroadband

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