Hot on the heels of a heated debate on how black girls should wear their hair in schools, celebs took to social media to show their support to the school girls. One of the celebs is former beauty queen Bokang Montjane who used her story to encourage girls like her. Bokang Montjane reveals why she no longer wears a weave.

Taking to Instagram, Mrs Tshabalala shared how she came into her own and became proud of her own natural hair. “I TOOK THE WEAVE OFF BECAUSE I NO LONGER WANTED TO APOLOGIZE FOR WHO I AM. I AM BLACK, I AM PROUD OF IT, I HAVE NO SHAME IN THE COLOUR OF MY SKIN, I HAVE NO SHAME IN MY CROWN…I AM A BEAUTIFUL BROWN SKINNED GIRL… I AM BOKANG RAMAREDI MOHLAPA MONTJANE-TSHABALALA. #BlackHairIsBeautiful,” she captioned a photo of herself rocking her now signature look.