The poet took to social media to express her displeasure at an email she allegedly got from Bonang Matheba, calling her a “dog”.

In the email alleged to be spam, Bonang tells Mazwai to “back off”, to focus on her music and while at it, “try and look pretty”.

Ntsiki didn’t take well to the mail, tagging Bonang on Twitter, reminding her of how she stood up for her when she was being attacked for her relationship with AKA.
Mazwai further tweeted about how Bonang’s lawyers contacted her to “help with Euphonik.”
Ntsiki wasn’t having none of it, tearing into Bonang at some of comments her followers made.

To her defense, Queen B responded by letting Ntsiki know that she didn’t send the email.

Even with that said, Ntsiki still believes it’s Bonang who sent the email.