According to a fan, after the rapper allegedly realised he was in the wrong, AKA ‘offered dagga’ to a fan, who would have none of it.

Kiernan “AKA” Forbes’ Mega Show in Cape Town might have gone well, judging from the pictures he posted on Twitter, but it seems trouble never stops following him.

Twitter user Lahloza took to the social media platform on Tuesday night to share an allegation, on behalf of his friend Thando, of what the Supa Mega allegedly did in the presence of his girlfriend Bonang Matheba and best friend Da LES.

In a series of tweets, this is what Lahloza publicly claims happened on Saturday night (Note: none of these claims have been verified and AKA and Bonang are yet to respond to them):

A lady who works at Head Honcho wanted to take a selfie with Bonang, who was in the VIP area, before she realised she did not have her phone on her. She asked Thando for his expensive Samsung S7 to take the selfie, which she did. However, allegedly AKA saw what had happened and got angry, asking the lady why she took a selfie with his girlfriend when she was drunk.

“@ now grabs the fone outta her hand throws the fone into the crowd tells everyone to f*ck out the VIP. Note: it’s a Samsung S7.”

Thando had started looking for the phone in the crowd when Da LES and AKA walked out of the VIP area. The phone was allegedly never found.
The two then say they followed AKA where he was seated when they were stopped by his manager, asking them what had happened.

“Manager calls AKA, he pulls up. He asks what happened they tell him what took place, he remembers and says he’s sorry and repeatedly says so.
“He asks what fone is this they say Samsung S7. He says ‘it’s the latest one right?’ they reply yes. He says ok and then offers them weed.”

What angered Thando, according to Lahloza, was AKA offering him only R2 000 for his Samsung S7, and the One Time hit maker’s manager who said he would get back to them, but never did. The phone retails for R10 000 or more.
An alleged screen grab of the payment.
A screen grab of the alleged payment.
Thando also alleges that Bonang did not respond to a message he sent her on Instagram either.
A screen grab of a message allegedly sent to Bonang.
A screen grab of a message allegedly sent to Bonang.

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