Few weeks ago we wrote about how AKA and Bonang’s relationship has proven many wrong and has lasted longer than most people expected. Well, AKA almost proved us wrong last night when he tweeted his new relationship status. AKA breaks up with Bonang on twitter, then apologizes.

“I’m single,’ the rapper tweeted. The shocking tweet was soon followed by a series of too much information in his relationship with Bonang. Despite the hiccup, AKA later tweeted he is not single and apologized to queen B. “Yeah Im human …. I have flaws …. So what. Shoot me,”AKA tweeted.

Unlike AKA, Bonang stayed away from social media and ignored her relationship drama Saturday morning. This has sparked some fans to question if AKA was drunk tweeting or could Bonang have been in on it all along? They do know how to get people talking after all. Check out the rest of the