A father, 32 year old Ross Watson, has sparked outrage after posting a video of himself eating his wife's placenta as part of his breakfast, just a week after his son was delivered. He even added pepper and brown sauce to the placenta, declaring that it was "edible and nutritious".

In the video, Watson sits down at a dining table with a raw piece of placenta on a plate, and a normal English breakfast plate of beans, sausages and toast
  1. WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT Ross Watson, from Darlington, posted a stomach-churning video of him eating his wife Heather's placenta 
  2. He explained how, as this would be their last child, it was 'now or never'
  3. Video shows him eating raw and cooked placenta with an English fry-up 
  4. When questioned, he replied: 'It's edible and nutritious. Why the f*** not?

'I've got a wee raw bit there which I've already garnished with some salt and pepper. I've tried it already, it's not too bad.'

He adds: 'I've got my breakfast and I've got some cooked bits of placenta there as well which actually taste pretty good. So here goes, here's a raw bit.'

Ross then eats a small amount using his hands, joking: 'This isn't as good as the umbilical cord spaghetti, by the way.'

He looks unconvinced as he chews, commenting: 'I think I'll have some beans with that bit. It's definitely better cooked.'

Taking a piece of cooked placenta, Ross adds: 'That's gone cold so I'll have some beans to warm it up and all.

'I ate my wife's placenta and cooked it with black pudding, sausages, beans and toast. It was never intended as a full fry up, more a collection of my favourite parts plus placenta!

'There's some brutal pics to accompany the final video but was unsure whether to post them.'

And for those wondering what it tasted like, Ross said he was underwhelmed by the result, explaining: 'It doesn't taste of much at all really, like having a second tongue.

'I needed the beans to help swallow it down and only managed 4 more mouthfuls after the video ended before my sanity reassumed (sic.)'