A 75-year-old Malawian woman died after drinking an excessive amount of locally brewed Malawian beer without eating any food, Nyasa Times reports.
The elderly lady, identified as Malita Joseph was found dead close to her home after she failed to return home for three days after visiting her local drinking hole in the area.
Police confirmed that the deceased had died after being missing for three days, adding that a postmortem performed at a local hospital showed that she had died due to excessive drinking without eating food.
Doctors say that drinking excessive amounts of alcohol without eating can indeed be fatal, as alcohol poisoning often leaves many severely ill and dehydrated.
According to Health24, a study found that as people age, the harmful effects of heavy drinking can take a toll on key brain functions, such as memory, attention and learning, a new study shows.
A lifetime history of alcohol dependence was also linked with worse learning, memory and motor function, the researchers said.