1. BORN in 1978 in Zola, Soweto the Top S’gelekeqe artist was one of the founding members of the kwaito legend group Chiskop.
  2. The group was formed with three childhood friends – S’bu, Siphiwe and Sizwe. Mandoza was discovered by Arthur Mafokate.
  3. Mandoza, who strived to give an inspirational message to kwaito, used his music as a way to encourage young people to achieve their goals.One such song was Uzoyithola Kanjani.
  4. He credited much of his success to his mentor, Glenn Morris, who helped him during the years when he was hooked on drugs.
  5. Mandoza started his solo career in 1999 with the 9II5 Zola South album, which became one of the best-selling albums, having sold more than 100 000 units.This led to him scooping the South African Music Awards Best Newcomer nomination in 2000. That year he also went on to release theNkalakatha album, which won multi-platinum status.The title track became a crossover hit and reached the top of the charts on black and white radio stations.The album went on to win Best Kwaito and Song of the Year at the Samas in 2001.
  6. That same year at the Metro Music Awards, Mandoza won the Best Kwaito Artist, Best Male Vocalist, Best Album, Best Styled Artist and Song Of The Year.
  7. To close that year on a high, he won the Best Artist – Southern Africa category at the Kora All Africa Music Awards.