Locals who seem to know a thing or two about being unlucky in love have taken to Twitter with advice for would be singletons as #1000waystobesingle trends.

This after 22-year-old Boniface Gitau (@Gitz–) invited his tweeps to share some of their reasons for being alone using the hashtag on Saturday morning.
Gitau‚ who lives in Nairobi‚ says the hashtag was inspired by his recent breakup with his now ex-girlfriend.
“It’s a story based on my failed relationship‚ I got cheated on‚ forgave her‚ tried building us back but we couldn’t. Too much damage had already been done. So we let each other go last night. Woke up today and thought of starting a tag where people would share reasons why they single just like myself. That’s how #1000WaysToBeSingle started‚” he told TMG Digital
Here are some of the amusing results:
1) @Machukah seemed to believe that in the dating game it’s best to take cues from your partner when he tweeted:
“Don’t be advertising your man if he ain’t advertising you. If he is acting single act like a widow. #1000WaysToBeSingle“
2) @JohnnyGachanja linked the single life to infidelity:
“Flirting with other people when you are with bae #1000WaysToBeSingle“
3) @JhabulaniWebb encouraged promises of polygamy to keep singlehood intact:
“Tell her you will like to have ten wives in future with all seriousness #1000WaysToBeSingle“
4) @Oddashsway said pet names may be the mistake love seekers are overlooking when they end up alone:
“Give her names like; ‘Rama’ or ‘Toddy’ #1000WaysToBeSingle“
5) @Richie–myself found that it’s good to have your property portfolio in order when he tweeted:
“#1000WaysToBeSingle when you tell her you have constructed apartment in ur village then she goes and find these” – and posted a picture of a double storey-shack….[subs: embed pic here].
6) @kerry–toby said calling on divine intervention when initiating a break-up may help:
“When one of my Friends wants To be Single he just takes The Password off his Phone and leaves The rest to God #1000WaysToBeSingle“
7) Trendsetter @iGitz– hauled more than 150 retweets when he quipped:
Her: Where do you study?
Me: Overseas
Her: Awww‚ send me a pic
 8) @Bridgette–Tt said that honesty is the best policy:
“Telling your bae u gonna be spending the weekend studying and him finding u in a club dancing like nobody’s tuckshop #1000WaysToBeSingle“
9) @–Percyval said that dessert disputes can become a stumbling block in a relationship:
“Throwing away the Ultra Mel Custard container without licking it #1000WaysToBeSingle“
 10) @nangutikevin tweeted about the benefits of two-timing and a plan B:
“#1000WaysToBeSingle having one girlfriend or boyfriend. What if the person dies? Always have a backup.”