Never one to sit in the corner and shut up, Nando’s just had to join in on the #LGE2016 conversation.
The South African chain restaurant launched a brand new TV ad on Friday night to brag about their latest menu offering, The Nando’s Wings Roulette.
The Wings Roulette meal includes 18 winglets in a choice of three flavours, along with a 125ml bottle of Nando’s PERi-PERi sauce.
“It’s tempting to be anxious about our current political situation, and hard to envisage a win-win scenario for all South Africans. But true to Nando’s courageous spirit, Wings Roulette can get three opposing political parties to see the positives – a wing-wing situation for all of us,” says Nando’s chief marketing officer Doug Place.
The best part of the ad? The ending of course!
Sourece: channel24
Watch it here: