Zoleka Mandela has bravely shaved off her hair due to the effects of chemotherapy.
Her hair has been falling off due to the chemotherapy sessions.
Zoleka was first diagnosed with cancer in 2012 - read the full story HERE.
She took to social media like a champion and posted a picture with the caption: "Sunday, 21st August 2016 marks the day I finally shaved off the little hair my Chemotherapy left on my head! The eyebrows are on their way too as you can see but it all grows back, I'm not bothered! I don't mind that my chin hairs are no longer growing either, I was never into the Catfish look anyway!!! ?? This is the result of only 4 treatments! I have my 5th Chemotherapy tomorrow, I feel completely liberated at this point and much stronger too! Time to knock the next 8 sessions out the ball park ... #KnowYourCancer #SilenceCancer #Chemotherapy #GemCisplatin #LuminalBCancer #LuminalTypeBMammaryCarcinoma #Recurrence #BreastCancerSurvivor #ZolekaMandelaFoundation."
Her bravery and positive attitude is truly admirable.