Reality TV star, actor and singer Zola hopes to make a comeback with the relaunch of an old favourite - the Zola 7 show.

Zola, whose real name is Bonginkosi Dlamini, said there was a good chance the show would return to the small screen.
"Somebody gave me a call, so something is happening - the people have spoken."
He added: "If the show comes backit will be on my terms."
In Zola 7 the celebrity helped young people deal with their problems, most of them involving finances and education.
Given the current climate, in which students are fighting for educational and financial support, Dlamini said his show would be particularly relevant.
"I think of myself as a bridge that the young can use to cross to further their growth."
He promised fans they would be hearing new music "soon", but would not confirm whether he had joined Mabala Noise, saying only that he had a good relationship with the record label.