Last year “Lion King” Lebo M divorced his wife, Angela. 
He embraced his loving baby mama, Zoe Mthiyane . . . .
This allegation of Lebo M’s stunning U-turn comes from several well-placed Sunday Sunsources.
They say Lebo M has reconciled with his ex after a bitter separation from Zoe.
But Zoe allegedly wasted no time moving on. Sources claimed she’s in 
a relationship with Carl Anthony Payne II, who first hit the headlines in the 1990s, acting in a TV comedy show. Now he’s a producer and businessman.
Last week, Zoe got tongues wagging on social media when she posted a picture of herself and Carl.
A source claimed: “Zoe is currently shooting and having fun with her squeeze, Carl.”
Another source said: “I don’t think it’s anything serious. Zoe’s focused on business and raising her kids.”
A third source, who is a family member, said: “Zoe’s still fragile and wants to take her time before she 
commits to another serious relationship.”
When The SunTeam called Zoe to ask about her new man, she just laughed.
Meanwhile, back in Mzansi, the alleged reunited lovebirds, Lebo M and Angela, were spotted getting 
cosy in Durban, where he’s believed to have a flat.
The SunTeam heard an insider claim that Angela had seized the opportunity when Lebo M fell out with Zoe.
“She managed to rekindle his love for her,” said the showbiz informant.
“Times were hard for Angela. She knew the only way to save her life was to go back to her ex-hubby,” said the source.
Another source claimed Lebo M always had a weakness for Angela.
“They were still in contact. To take Angela back, Lebo even dropped the new squeeze he was dating.
“His heart has always been with Angela,” the source alleged.
Another showbiz figure claimed Lebo doesn’t like to be alone, so he took Angela back.
The source claimed: “They didn’t break up because they had fallen out of love, it was just Lebo M’s never-ending drama. He gets bored easily.
“So I won’t be surprised if they break up again for no apparent reason.”
Last week Lebo M refused to comment, and referred all enquries to family spokeperson, Karabo Masondo.
Yesterday Karabo said: “They’re working together. Their relationship is professional.”
Asked what Lebo M and Angela were doing in Durban together, Karabo said: “They had an important meeting which I can’t reveal. Even if they are back together, remember they have a daughter together.”
When the People’s Paper called Angela, Lebo M answered and said she was in a meeting. Carl Payne was not available for comment.
Source: dailysun