DA Leader took to Twitter to wish his wife of 11 years a happy anniversary today

Today, I have been married to the same gal for 11 years. She is still my best friend and an incredible mother to our children.Ta @MrsMaimane, he wrote.
To which she replied:
@MmusiMaimane Thank you my Darling. Wouldn't want to go through life with anyone else. Here's to many many decades together! 11yrs happy!
The Maimanes: simply a couple madly in love
"People use my marriage to Natalie for political mudslinging, and to question my blackness. These are by far the biggest challenges to our relationship as they occur on public platforms such as parliament, radio, television, the papers and social media," Mmusi said.
However, to the people that matter most to Mmusi and Natalie, they are simply a couple in love. Their families have accepted their marriage. He believes that his family sees the humanity in Natalie first before looking at the colour of her skin. As an interracial couple, the two are comfortable discussing issues of a racial nature with their family.
"In so far as racism is concerned, Natalie and our families are on the same page - racism has no place in South Africa," said Mmusi.
Source: sowetanlive