ICYMI Lexi Van Niekerk went on a shocking rant on social media on Wednesday about her former friend Linda Matsolo.

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The Juice reached out to both parties involved for comment and Linda responded saying:

“Lexi and I met in Cape Town and became friends. We then both coincidentally moved to Johannesburg, where Lexi films her reality show on which I made appearances. Cracks started to form in our friendship and now we are no longer friends.

"However, I was invited back onto her reality show, to do a diary session. Lexi saw highlights of the session before the show on Wednesday night and started lashing out at me on Twitter.

"Following which, I want to state that I do not owe her any money nor am I interested in her boyfriend. I feel like I have been bullied on social media in an apparent attempt to boost ratings for the TV show. I believe that there are other ways to handle things and I am staying off social media and seeking legal advice.”

-The Juice