BABES is dancing up a storm in Mzansi. And now she’s caught in a tornado . . . BETWEEN DJ TIRA AND NANA ZONDI!
Durban tycoon Nana has come out, guns blazing.
This after media reports of DJ Tira’s claimhe discovered “Babes Wodumo”, real name Bongekile Simelane.
In a heated message Nana told a magazine she discovered Babes Wodumo first.
She said Babes then w ent on to build a relationship with
The message reads: Point of correction: Babes Wodumo was discovered by me. Yes, me, in 2013, when I selected her to be in the Hawaii music video where she formed a friendship with Afro. I’m not an agent, I’m Nana Zondi! N g iyabonga.
A source close to Nana said she doesn’t mind that she wasn’t responsible for the sexy dancer’s success in the music industry – but feels she deserves some credit.
“She groomed Babes for a few years. There’s no need to discredit her for her role in discovering the now famous Babes Wodumo,” the source said.
Babes shot to fame with her single Wololo, featuring Mampintsha of Big Nuz fame.
The song made her an overnight sensation.
This has made her one of this year’s rising stars and has seen her performance schedule rocketing up.
DJ Tira is known for unearthing raw talent and turning them into stars.
Babes has been setting social media ablaze.
DJ Tira said: “I can’t even comment on this issue because Babes is Mampintsha’s protege. Leave me out of this matter.”
This was after he confirmed knowing Nana.
When Sunday Sun contacted Mampintsha he kept dropping the calls.
Nana said she can’t believe people haven’t got the decency to give credit where it’s due.
“Tira likes taking credit for things he didn’t do.
“All I want to say is I discovered Babes Wodumo in 2013 after I made a call for public auditions, looking for dancers for a music video.
“That music video was for the song, Hawaii, by Big Nuz, which I directed.
“Anyone in the know knows I chose Babes, together with 10 other dancers from this public audition and I used to get her gigs in Durban.
“She then appeared in every Big Nuz music video after the Hawaii music video.
“I can be referred to as an agent in interviews instead of the one who saw potential in her and gave her a platform and a chance to meet DJ Tira and Mampintsha,” Nana said.
“They need to get this right: I’m so happy for her and about what’s happening with her career and I even sent her an SMS.
“My advice is they need to also train her voice so she doesn’t rely on her body and dance moves to get ahead.”
Babes Wodumo’s manager, Qhubani “DJ Qness” Ndlovu, asked: “What did she do for Babes Wodumo if she discovered her?-